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Vitalergin Prevent

Prevent Vitalergin is a preparation plant, stimulates the immune system and the production of T lymphocytes involved in infectious and allergic processes, reducing the activity of the antigens, which are the cause of the allergy problems.

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Ingredients (dry extract) 1 ampoule
Echinacea 80 mg
Propolis 80 mg
Iceland Lichen 100 mg
Helicrisum italicum 80 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg
Lyophilized Royal Jelly 30 mg

Vitalergin Prevent is a preparation plant, stimulates the immune system and the production of T lymphocytes involved in infectious and allergic processes, reducing the activity of the antigens, which are the cause of the allergy problems. Its content in flavonoids, vitamnina C Echinaceas and reinforce our immune system and makes us less vulnerable to: colds, coughs, colds, sore throats, bronchitis and fungi. For its vitamin M or pteroylglutamic acid, and vitamin PP and nicotinamide, promotes the proliferation of red blood cells, so your help to fight anemia is undeniable, making itself a vasodilator action on the tree pressure, and in particular on the blood capillaries, preventing thrombosis and arteriosclerosis.


30 ampoules of 500 mg.


Take 1 to 3 daily may increase according to indications.

Ingredient Features

  • Echinacea: one of its main active ingredient is the Echinaceas with the ability to activate leukocytes increased, so the body's defenses. It also has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory action due to its vasodilator and sweat.

  • Propolis: propolis is composed of organic acids, phenols, aromatic compounds (coumarins, flavonols among others) and metals such as aluminum, silver and iron. In his composition highlight the protovitamina vitamin A and several of the group B. These substances give properties to propolis to increase body resistance against infections.

  • Helicrisum Hitalicum: predominant active ingredients in this plant are: Essential oil with nerol, alpha and beta-pinene, eugenol and linalool. Sesquiterpene lactones, caffeic and ursolic acid, beta-sitosterol and bitter principles. Flavonoids: flavones (apigenol, luteolol), flavonols (kaempferol, quercetin), flavanones (naringenol, helicrisina, salipurpósido) and chalcones (isohelecrisina, isosalipurpósido).

  • These active, stimulate the internal secretion of hydrocortisone. Is anti-inflammatory, antitussive and anti-allergic, expectorant, protecting and healing skin, bacteriostatic, Indicated allergies (skin, digestive and respiratory), asthma, bronchitis, cholecystitis (= inflammation of the gallbladder) and chronic gallbladder disease, and migraine headache, emphysema, gout and hepatitis, kidney and reumatitis, retinopathy, and urticaria.

  • Indicated allergies, conjunctivitis and blepharitis (= inflammation of the eyelids and conjunctiva), dermatitis and other skin conditions, eczema, phlebitis (inflammation of the wall = a vein), paradontopatía (= condition of the tissues around of a tooth) and psoriasis.

These plants are traditionally used for:

  • Allergies: increases T cell production allowing less vulnerability to allergy-causing agents (antigens).

  • Upper tract infection (throat, nose, ear): pharyngitis, otitis, laryngitis, mouth infection, tonsillitis (angina), rhinitis. Acting as a natural antibiotic and strengthening the immune system to a greater increase in defenses.

  • Infections genito-urinary system: that originate both renal and prostate or vaginal infection are reduced hence inflammation.

  • Dermatitis: especially those that are viral, bacterial or allergic.

  • Flu: for its antibiotic effect and reduces heat and prevents symptoms flu predispositions to repeat preparing the immune system.

  • Asthmatic bronchitis: the active ingredients of these plants have bronchodilator effects, allowing better pulmonary oxygenation while we facilitate expectoration.

  • Fibroid cysts fibroids: has been recently isolated an unsaturated fatty acid contained in royal jelly, which could have anti-cancer, 10-hidroxidecenoico acid .*



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